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Secure Charge has multiple options for leasing, purchasing or financing our products. We can provide a custom solution.

Keep Customers Engaged

Convenience is one of the biggest consumer metrics, and in todays world having access to their mobile devices is a must. A Secure Charge kiosk keeps customers active and happy at your event.

Innovative Marketing Platform

While users are charging their mobile devices they are paying attention to your brand presentation. Take advantage of this engagement to get your message across.



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How It Works


Wall Mount

Compact and convenient, the wall mounted kiosk securely charges your mobile device, and doesnt take up a lot of space!


Full Stand

Great for conventions and concert venues. Stand alone version charges up to 20 phones.


Back End Dashboard

See customer usage statistics, change digital ads that rotate on screen, and remotely unlock, all from a password protected dashboard. You can access from a computer or tablet.

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Charge how and when you need it

your customers have the freedom to charge their devices on-the-go wherever they find themselves in need of power

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